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Walk in DOT Driver Physicals in Loyalhanna, PA

Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC is a Certified Commercial Drivers Exam Physician

If you need DOT driver physicals in Loyalhanna, PA, and the surrounding areas, count on Huss Chiropractic. Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC, and Dr. Melissa Bender are certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We can provide physicals for residents of Greensburg, Latrobe, Mount Pleasant and beyond who want to be a commercial driver. We offer convenient and affordable physicals for commercial vehicle operation. These physicals are for commercial bus drivers, and other motor vehicle operations. Call our office today at (724) 879-4385 to schedule your DOT commercial driver’s license physical exam.

We Treat the Following Medical Conditions:

See Dr. Melissa Bender for Physical Exams for Greensburg, PA, and Beyond

Are you hoping to become a truck driver in Greensburg? How about a school bus driver in Latrobe? Do you plan to operate any commercial vehicle in Mount Pleasant? You will need a proper Department of Transportation physical examination before you take your driver’s test. That is where Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC, and Dr. Melissa Bender at Huss Chiropractic come in. Our office has the tools necessary to make sure we do your physical in a safe and effective manner.

We Treat Whatever Pain is Bothering You in Latrobe, PA

Do you need treatment before you get your commercial driver’s license? Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC and the team at Huss Chiropractic utilizes several approaches for Latrobe, PA, residents. We treat pain, discomfort and tension. Make sure your body is in excellent condition to handle the day-to-day demands of the job. Dr. Dean Huss has been giving patients relief since 1998.

Trust Our Hands-on Approach to Treating Mount Pleasant, PA, Patients

Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC and Dr. Melissa Bender use a hands-on approach to restore the nervous system of Mount Pleasant, PA, residents. Ultrasound therapy, electric muscle stimulation and manual soft tissue techniques are treatment options. Each patient is different, so Dr. Dean R. Huss, DC and Dr. Melissa Bender determine what is best for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

Count on Huss Chiropractic for walk in DOT driver physicals

in Loyalhanna, PA.